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Increase your reach by opening your online store with us! Your profit will no longer be limited by the number of customers that can physically vist your brick and mortar location. You can sell across towns, regions, and even arcoss borders with MyAmole Marketplace, removing all geographical limitations.
If you prefer, the application form can be downloadedhereto be filled out and submited in person.
You need to fill this form in order to get complete basic information regarding Merchants serving as Vendors for MyAmole Marketplace.
If so, you can enter your country’s name, or select another option.
It helps us to segment our vendors based on business types and products, and this enables us to compile specific segmented Vendor -based marketing information on products for customer.
Programing language or platform is the language you prefer to use on Vendor portal panel.
No. you do not have to create multiple store account for a single Vendor. If the Vendor, however, has various branch stores, the Vendor needs to create and administer as many accounts as his branch of stores.
If you do not have business licenses, you will not get Vendor approval from the Administrator of MyAmole Marketplace, A Vendor needs to have a business license
It helps us to contact each Vendor for any issue related to MyAmole Marketplace
You have to enter the contact information of the owner or Manager of the company
Your bank account information will be needed for the execution of payment from MyAmole Marketplace for the goods and products sold for customer
You can enter the Bank account you want to collect your payment from.
Account type refers to whether your account type is a current account or saving account.
The uploading of these documents is required to verify and check the legal documents of Vendor.
You have to upload all of the documents requested. A vendor who fails to upload all of the required documents will not get the approval of the administrator.
You can upload documents in PDF files format
Yes, all your information will be kept private and secured.
Your store Info is needed for ensuring the delivery of the goods and products ordered by the customer from your store within its stipulated time.
SEO means search engine optimization. It is the name of the Vendor.
It is the Logo of the Vendor that will be put on the invoice of the order.
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